Data accuracy looms as major challenge facing educations, survey finds

Posted by Tribal Group on April 12, 2018

Data accuracy looms as major challenge facing educations, survey finds

Data consistency and its accuracy in support of legislation compliance and driving positive student outcomes are the biggest daily challenges for those working in and delivering education across Australia and New Zealand.  That’s according to the “Global Education Market Study” conducted by Tribal Group, a pioneering world leader of education software and services.

The survey, conducted among 294 primary, secondary tertiary, higher education and vocational education providers, identified that almost one in five respondents (19 per cent) in Australia and New Zealand indicate that data consistency and accuracy is currently ‘extremely’ challenging and another 32 per cent label it as very challenging. 

At the same time, 58 per cent of respondents are expecting either extreme (17 per cent) or very (42 per cent) high rates of improvement in data management during 2018.  This would suggest good news for supporting students and being able to predict student outcomes.  Having access to accurate data also supports educational providers in their reporting and compliance requirements operating in an increasingly stringent legislative environment.

In addition, reflecting the drive to attract and retain enrolments, more than six in ten respondents (62 per cent) nominate student recruitment and retention as an extremely (36 per cent) or very (25 per cent) important priority.

Almost three in 10 respondents (29 per cent) said recruitment and retention was ‘extremely’ challenging, and a further 25 per cent named it as ‘very’ challenging. Only six per cent said it was not a challenge at all.

The survey also found that student experience was another area in which respondents expected to see the greatest improvements in this year. Two in three respondents expect either extreme (20 per cent) or very (46 per cent) high rates of improvement in student experience despite an ongoing funding problem which is seen as major challenge confronting educators.

Peter Croft, APAC Managing Director, Tribal Group, said,

“This survey would suggest that in addition to managing a growing regulatory and technology disruption burden, Australia and New Zealand educational institutions, just like their counterparts throughout the Asia Pacific region, must have the data plus the systems and processes in place to make informed decisions in a compressed time frame. 

They need to be able to view data in relation to individual student outcomes as well as data across their entire operations – from individual school or faculty enrolments to administrative and human resources needs; from financial performance against budget to community participation.”

Learner Outcomes also emerged as a top priority for the education industry across the region in 2018.  Seven in 10 (70 per cent) said learner outcomes was rated either extremely (38 per cent) or very (32 per cent) important as their top priority this year,

“There can be no doubt that student achievement and outcomes are a core focus for education providers across Australia and New Zealand.  However, as Australia moves to a new demand and needs driven model for education funding, timely access to quality, reliable information is even more important. Ultimately, all institutions from primary schools to higher education are looking to promote student outcome success through a personalised engagement, a data-driven action to support working smarter,  and achieving operational excellence through engaged employees,” said Croft.




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