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How can your university improve student engagement?

Posted by Daniel Barrass on March 18, 2021

In fact, the first question must be why is student engagement so important?

Well, its the lifeblood of your university. Without happy, inquisitive, thought-provoking and challenging students, a university would be a very sterile place – not conducive to learning, stifling creative thinking or crushing ambition. 

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3 myths about predictive analytics in Education: exposed

Posted by Tribal Group on March 15, 2021

Common misconceptions about predictive analytics in the education sector

Examples of predictive analytics are everywhere, and the education sector is no exception. The approach uses historical student data to create models that help forecast future problems or opportunities. Educational institutions are using existing student data to gain insights on current or future student performance.

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Student Minds Resources

Posted by Ella Higham on March 12, 2021

There are currently around 2.4 million students at UK universities, with one in three suffering from clinical levels of psychological distress during these formative years.

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Predictive analytics is transforming Higher and Further Education – here’s how

Posted by Lucy Judge on March 8, 2021

Predictive analytics is invisible, yet its benefits are highly tangible. The use of predictive analytics can bring a range of advantages to all educational settings; the ability to easily access and interpret results and attainment data is integral to any institution’s forward-planning. A holistic, systematic approach to using data will unquestionably drive improvements to standards across the whole institution.

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The student mental health crisis and the role of technology

Posted by Charlotte Boaden on March 4, 2021

Safeguarding student wellbeing and mental health is a challenge faced by all universities and colleges. As time has passed, student wellbeing has become a major focus for Higher Education institutions as student support services come under increased pressure. Wellbeing and mental health are vital parts of creating a positive student experience, with any issues impacting both social and academic student life.

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In conversation with Jon Baldwin…

Posted by Daniel Barrass on March 1, 2021

There is no doubt that the past twelve months has made everyone, regardless of sector, think on their feet and adapt to new ways of living and working. One sector that has shone throughout is Higher Educationswitching their focus from centuries of face-to-face teaching to a completely digital provision within days, showing just how adaptable and resilient they are 

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Predictive analytics in education: an introduction

Posted by Lucy Judge on February 25, 2021

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics use data, machine learning and statistical algorithms to work out the likelihood of future outcomes, by analysing patterns in historical data.

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How to look and sound like a pro at your next virtual presentation

Posted by Rebecca Unwin on February 22, 2021

Your heart beats faster. Your palms are clammy. Your breath catches and the clock ticks over. The thumbs up – the red light blinks – you’re live. The audience is watching you closely – but there is just your own face staring back from the screen in front. Now you’re wondering if the audience has noticed the collection of dirty mugs that have somehow managed to inch themselves into frame.

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Ofsted best practice in remote learning: key findings

Posted by Ella Higham on February 18, 2021

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, there has been huge disruption across the education sector at all levels, the impact of which is still unknown as schools, colleges, and universities remain closed until further notice.

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Four digital marketing automation quick wins your university can implement today

Posted by Jemma Legg on February 16, 2021

Automation is regularly used to help decrease time between initial enquiry and follow up. But what is even more impressive, is its ability to maximise your communications' efficiency, without putting further strain on your resources and budget. This means you can focus on other areas of your marketing strategy whilst improving your conversion rates, engagement stats and data quality with the power of automation.  

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